Houston animal sheltering issues discussed on the radio!

pug in a wire dog crate looking out a viewer

Vote for the candidate who will protect shelter pets

Houston, TX – On September 15, I was on Vegan World Radio discussing the upcoming Candidate Forum on animal sheltering issues in Houston, and regarding the candidates views on transforming Houston to a No Kill community.

This is the ONLY Candidate Forum which will focus solely on this topic.  You can listen to the interview by clicking THIS LINK.

If you would like to attend the Candidate Forum, please Register.  There are links to register on our WEBSITE HERE.  

We will be posting a Voter’s Guide after the Candidate Forum, so make sure you check our website before you vote.   Or REGISTER FOR OUR E-NEWSLETTER so that you will receive a notice when the Voter’s Guide is posted.


Myth Busted: Pit Bulls Don’t Bite Differently

Yet, another myth used to kill some shelter pets has been busted. Let’s stop making up reasons to kill pets and find more ways to save them.

In recent years, things have been looking up for the dogs we call “pit bulls” and their families. Breed specific legislation is on the way out. Shelters that discriminate against dogs based on appearance are the exception. The old wives tales that fueled canine discrimination have been debunked and dismissed.

Except for one: Some people are still perpetuating the myth that “pit bull” dogs bite differently than other dogs. Unfounded claims persist about the severity and nature of incidents involving “pit bull” dogs versus other types of dogs. Claims about the “unique damage that ‘pit bull’ dogs inflict” are made by individuals or special interest groups with no experience in analyzing dog bite-related injuries or knowledge of dog physiology or behavior.

Let’s bust this myth once and for all.

First, it must be understood that “pit bull” is not a breed. Attempts at legal definitions of what a “pit bull”…

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Make Your Pet A Pin-up Photo Contest!

Since it was so successful last year, we are doing another Make Your Pet a Pin Up contest! It costs just $5 to enter your favorite photo of your pet, or even a foster pet.

Each vote is just $1. You can vote for your pet, or multiple pets

The top 12 winners will be featured in our 2016 calendar and receive free calendars.

I entered my dog, Crickett, into the contest.  It’s going to be hard to beat this kind of cuteness, but I know you all are for a challenge.


Crickett says “I’m so darn cute, I’m sure to win the top spot! Is there anyone out there who thinks that they can beat me?”

All entries/votes are donations to No Kill Houston that help to continue advocating for No Kill sheltering in Houston, and are tax deductible.

Click here to go to the contest.

HAPPY VOTING and please SHARE with your family and friends!