Make Your Pet A Pin-up Photo Contest!

Since it was so successful last year, we are doing another Make Your Pet a Pin Up contest! It costs just $5 to enter your favorite photo of your pet, or even a foster pet.

Each vote is just $1. You can vote for your pet, or multiple pets

The top 12 winners will be featured in our 2016 calendar and receive free calendars.

I entered my dog, Crickett, into the contest.  It’s going to be hard to beat this kind of cuteness, but I know you all are for a challenge.


Crickett says “I’m so darn cute, I’m sure to win the top spot! Is there anyone out there who thinks that they can beat me?”

All entries/votes are donations to No Kill Houston that help to continue advocating for No Kill sheltering in Houston, and are tax deductible.

Click here to go to the contest.

HAPPY VOTING and please SHARE with your family and friends!


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