Thank Len Cannon for questioning candidates regarding BARC issues

Kudos to KHOU journalist, Len Cannon, for asking the mayoral candidates a question regarding BARC issues.  Here is a link to the debate if you missed it.  The question regarding BARC is almost at the end of the debate.

Please thank Mr. Cannon for asking the question and keeping the topic of BARC and animal issues on par with other issues that are important to citizens.   I’m told that Doug Miller played a part in the question getting on air, so you may want to thank him as well.

Here are their email addresses:

My email to Mr. Cannon:

Mr. Cannon,

Thank you very much for asking the Mayoral candidates a question regarding how they would work to solve BARC’s continued problems. And thank you for accurately stating BARC’s kill rate.   If we ever hope to make positive changes at BARC, it will only be with the help of journalists such as yourself, who question politicians about the issues that are important to the public and who continue to keep citizens informed.

Thank you for keeping this issue in the forefront of citizens’ and politicians’ minds and agendas.

Bett Sundermeyer, President

No Kill Houston


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