Rescued by Black Boy: how a neglected dog set me back on my path, away from PETA

This is an important (and SHOCKING) blog by a woman who used to work at PETA. It confirms so many horrible things we have heard about PETA and so much more. It is a chilling account of what goes on behind closed doors at the slaughterhouse that is PETA.


There was a time when I was a True Believer and a very good little soldier, I did what I was told to do, when I was told to do it, I didn’t question orders and if I did it was never to the face of the one giving them. Then, one stormy and snowy evening, I stopped by an abandoned house to check on a dog I’d been feeding and caring for. I pulled up in front of the home and saw him huddled on the open porch, under cover as much as his short chain would allow, his thick fur encrusted in ice. In that moment I made the decision to unchain him and usher him into my van and, unlike past days when he’d been slightly timid and unwilling to trust me completely, he followed me. I rubbed him with towels to dry his soaked fur, wrapped…

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  1. Wow, that was intense!!! I just don’t understand how PETA can supposedly do really important stuff and this shit is happening???? Very confusing…. Sherri Stern


    • Yea, I was shocked when I first read about PETA’s killing agenda in 2008, when I read Nathan Winograd’s book, Redemption. I was horrified because I had been duped by them too and had set up monthly donations. My donations were probably used to kill animals. It is sickening and infuriating.

      Some people defend PETA by saying that they do good things for other animals. But I say “How do you know that they are doing good things for other animals?” We know that they blatantly lie about killing…. and this blog confirms that they lie about how many. So, how do we know they aren’t lying about other “good work” that they supposedly do? If they will lie about one thing, they will lie about others. Newkirk is sick, and her cult like followers, who kill thousands of animals because she tells them to, are sick too.

      Laws need to be passed to force them to stop killing. (And that is what people in VA are trying to do right now) Nothing else will stop them from killing. We’ve seen it for too many years now.


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