BARC plans to KILL these kittens

Houston, TX – BARC plans to KILL these kittens so the mother cat can be spayed. This represents exactly what is WRONG with BARC i.e leadership who is content to save a few and kill the rest. Leadership who has REFUSED to RIGOROUSLY implement all of the programs and services that are working to save all healthy and treatable pets, such as these tiny kittens.



Enough is enough. BARC KILLED over 7,700 pets in 2015 alone. When will the mayor HIRE LEADERSHIP for BARC who will actually work to save ALL lives not just some of them?

Here is the mayor’s contact information. Please TELL HIM to hire shelter leadership for BARC who will work hard to end shelter killing.
Mayor Sylvester Turner
City of Houston
P.O. Box 1562
Houston, TX 77251
Phone: 832.393.1000
Fax: 832.393.1084
Here is a link to contact information for the mayor and all city council members.
If you can foster this cat & her babies, please email:  Of course, that will not stop BARC from killing litters of kittens tomorrow, and the next day and the next…..
Only hiring shelter leadership that is dedicated to saving lives will do that.

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