The Voters’ Guide for animal lovers! Take it with you to the polls!

Houston Voters For Companion Animals

Houston Voters For Companion Animals

Houston, TX – This city election could be a turning point in the high kill rates in Houston’s shelters. So, before you vote, learn which candidates truly care about this issue and who are willing to work to implement the programs that have been proven to end shelter killing across the US.  

There are some great candidate choices in the VOTERS’ GUIDE created by Houston Voters For Companion Animals which is posted on their website here.    Make sure to take the Voters’ Guide with you when you vote, and forward it to all of your animal loving friends and family.   Let’s make sure that we all vote for the candidates who truly care about this issue and who are willing to work to implement the programs that are successfully working across the country!   


*Only 13% of registered voters in Houston actually voted in the local elections last year.  If all 2.2 million Houstonians were registered to vote, that means only 286,000 people voted in Houston. 


*65% of Americans have pets.  That equals roughly 1,430,000 Houstonians who have pets.

*Compare less than 286,000 Houston voters to 1,430,000 animal loving Houstonians.


As you can see it would be very easy for animal lovers to swing an election in favor of shelter pets if we join together and vote for the candidates who represent our values, and who are committed to ending the senseless killing of shelter pets. 

EARLY VOTING started today and runs through October 31st.  

ELECTION DAY is Tuesday, November 3rd.

Make your vote count this year!   Vote for the candidates who will protect shelter pets!  

Click here to download the Voter’s Guide. 


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