The world is rushing past Houston on the way to No Kill…

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Houston, TX – Today is the last day to download Nathan and Jennifer Winograd’s book, Friendly Fire, absolutely  FREE.   Click here to download it from Amazon.

As I wrote in my review of Friendly Fire:

If we want to end shelter killing, and I believe the majority of us do, then we will be the ones that will have to fight for it. The kill shelters have proven that they will not stop killing voluntarily even when we literally hand them the solutions. The wealthy, national “humane” organizations have proven that they will fight our life saving, shelter reform efforts.  So, it is up to us. Luckily, Friendly Fire gives us the tools to reform an industry that has become the antithesis of everything that it proclaims to be.  If I could place this book in the hands of every animal lover in the America, I would.

The most important thing that you can do for companion animals is to READ THIS BOOK… then pass it on to everyone you know.

In my review of Friendly Fire, I noted that the number of Open Admission, No Kill shelters in the US was at about 80.  It is less 11 months later and that number now stands at nearly 200!   That is nearly 120 additional Open Admission, No Kill communities in less than 11 months!

The world is literally passing by Houston on their way to a more compassionate, more humane (and more cost effective) No Kill community.  Not only are they passing Houston by, they are RUSHING by and in huge numbers, while Houston/Harris County’s five kill shelters remain firmly entrenched in the dark ages of catch and kill sheltering.

It is time that we all stop listening to the kill shelters, and No Kill naysayers, who say that No Kill can’t be done or that shelters are “forced” to kill healthy and treatable pets.   Every single day, HUNDREDS of communities, some right here in Texas, are proving that No Kill in Open Admission shelters IS possible.  It is already being done.

It is up to US to demand leadership who will end the mass killing in Houston.  For Houston’s pound, that leadership starts at the top with the Mayor’s office.  The incumbent Mayor has allowed BARC’s kill rates to increase every year for 3 years.  She has used our tax dollars to allow BARC to kill or lose nearly 15,000 animals in 2012 alone.

It is clear that it is time for change.

Please VOTE for Ben Hall for Houston Mayor on November 5th.   If elected, Mr. Hall has committed to a No Kill policy for Houston.  Click here to read his statement.


Help save thousands of shelter pets in Houston.  Vote for Ben Hall for Mayor.


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