Show off your adoptable pets in Ben Hall’s booth at Pet Fest!

HallHouston’s 2013 mayoral candidate, Ben Hall would like to offer you space in his booth at this year’s Pet Fest Old Town Spring, next weekend, October 19 and 20.   Mr. Hall is an animal advocate and wants to help you place your fur friends in good homes.

This event is expected to attract 20,000 visitors so this is a great opportunity to “market” your wonderful, adoptable pet(s) to thousands of potential adopters.

This offer is open to both rescue groups and individuals who are trying to rehome homeless pets.   If you would like to be in Mr. Hall’s booth with your adoptable pets at Pet Fest, please email Sally Timko as soon as possible at

No Kill Texas Advocates will be teaming up with Mr. Hall at Pet Fest and sharing booth space.

If you would like to volunteer in their booths, please email them at



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