Twenty seven cats got out of BARC and to our adoption event this weekend! 14 were adopted; those who were not adopted by Sunday evening went to rescue groups, fosters, and PetSmarts.  All but 2 of the cats that were adopted were adults.  Lots of Tabbies and black kitties got out.  All the 90 day cats got out. 

A big, big thanks to all the wonderful people who, once again, stepped up and took in many needy pets from BARC.

A huge thanks to Bonnie Ford who selected the cats at BARC who were most in danger, arranged for them to be spayed/neutered, got paperwork done and transported them to the site. That was no small feat.

Big thanks to Frisky Paws for participating and really “selling” those cute little fur faces to people—and for making other arrangements for those who didn’t get adopted so we didn’t have to send any back to BARC.

Thanks to LMN Feline Rescue (Louise Hewitt) and Zeke Fund (Ramona Kipfer) for bringing great foster kitties, supplies, and volunteers to the event.

Thanks to J. R. Delgado, Elaine Hutzelman, Jennifer Kirkpatrick, Vivian Sundermeyer and Friends of BARC for loaning us kennels and tables. And a huge thanks to those who donated supplies, decorations and MONEY, so we could rent the space and not go broke.

A huge thanks to Elaine Hutzelman, Holly Eaton, Colleen Borum for volunteering their time. A special thanks to Sharon Shepherd and Gail Canny who worked many long hours this weekend, and helped me lug a ton of supplies back up to my THIRD FLOOR apartment afterwards. That was no easy task.

Fox 26 came out Sunday and shot some video. I saw a short clip on the 9:00 pm news.  They didn’t show any of my interview with my foster kitty though. RATS! I need to get that kitty (and his 4 black brothers and sisters) into his own home!

I was also on Fox 26 twice Friday morning with Hank, a BARC kitty. Hank got adopted and is in now off to college! 🙂 Here is a link to one of the interviews:

Although I wish more cats had been adopted, all in all it was a good weekend for 27 great kitties who were out of time at BARC.  A lot of people came together to save these little love sponges.

If BARC leaders would start organizing events like this, all over town, they could get many, many more animals out of BARC alive.  Hopefully, they will soon realize that a critical key to getting more animals out alive is to arrange for many more offsite adoption events.

Bett Sundermeyer, President
No Kill Houston
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