Help us help BARC cats & kittens get forever homes for the Holiday!

No Kill Houston is renting a retail space to be used for adoptions for cats and kittens from BARC (Houston’s animal control). BARC cats have very, very few offsite adoption opportunities and very, very few cats are being adopted at BARC. We want to get these wonderful cats & kittens out to the public so they can have a chance to get a forever home.

We are partnering with Frisky Paws Rescue and Friends for Life so that lots of cats & kittens have an opportunity to be seen by the adopting public!

The retail space we have is in a very high traffic, highly visible location on Westheimer and Wilcrest. It will be the perfect space to showcase these little love sponges.

The realtor has agreed to rent the space to us for 1 weekend instead of the entire month. We want to rent it over the long Thanksgiving weekend since this is the busiest shopping weekend of year. This will mean that these little beauties will be seen by lots of people out shopping who might also be thinking of getting a pet.

The rent, electricity and insurance will total $1,200.00. Please donate so we can secure this space ASAP. Every dollar donated will help us help homeless cats and kittens!

Click here to visit our secure fund raising website!

*If you are fostering a cat or kitten for BARC and would like to show your foster in this space, please email me.  The only thing that I ask is if you bring your foster cat/kitten, that you also volunteer for at least 1 day—if we have enough volunteers, you may only need to volunteer for part of the day.

**If you have kennels, folding tables, litterboxes etc. that you can bring, that would save some costs for us. 

Thank you,

Bett Sundermeyer, President