Houston election results

Below are election results for Mayor, City Controller and City Council.  We have quite a few run-off elections coming up. 

The closeness of the  races proved that even a few votes can make a difference in who ends up running our city.   The animal loving community CAN make a difference with our votes!  Please continue to become educated on the candidates in the run-off races and vote for those who will help us stop the killing.  Run-off elections are December 12th.

Mayor  – Runoff

Annise Parker 29% of the vote

Gene Locke 26%

City Controller – Runoff

Ronald Green 36%

M.J. Khan 33%

District A – Runoff

Brenda Stardig 32%

Lane Lewis 22%

District B – Jarvis Johnson 82%

District C – Anne Clutterbuck 82%

District D – Wanda Adams 76%

District E – Mike Sullivan 74%

District F – Runoff

Al Hoang 25%

Mike Laster 25%

District G – Oliver Pennington 59%

District H – Edward Gonzales-unopposed

District I – James Rodriquez-unopposed

At Large #1 – Runoff

Stephen Costello 23%

Karen Derr 20%

At Large #2 – Runoff

Sue Lovell 49%

Andrew C. Burks, Jr. 21%

At Large #3 – Melissa Noriega-unopposed

At Large #4 – C.O. Bradford 53%

At Large #5 – Runoff

Jolanda Jones 43%

Jack Christie 36%