No Kill Houston has had many meetings with Stephen Williams and his Incident Command Team. We have heard many promises that gave us hope that Williams was sincere in his desire to make improvements at BARC.  But, after many months of working hard on various committees but seeing no real improvements in the kill rate, the inhumane treatment or disease prevention, we have given up hope.  On 6/29 I asked Mr. Williams point blank over and over what has been done to reduce the killing and the only answer I received was that it looks better and smells better.  So, just as many animals are dying horrible deaths in a building that looks and smells better.  We’re not impressed.

We believe hiring of Mr. Sim only proves Mr. Williams lack of committment to real life saving change at BARC.  Mr. Sim stays in his office with the door shut every day.  He is being “mentored” every single day by Dr. Terasso but is still failing to do the most basic things such as reaching out to the community.  Some of the kennel attendants are literally starving animals to death, yet there are no repercussions and these employees are simply moved to another Ward to torture a different group of animals. This must stop!

We must stand together and DEMAND change.
Contact the Mayor and City Council.  Send a letter to them today.
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